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As Silver Partner of Holded, we are in a unique position to provide you with a comprehensive and personalized service. Our partnership as a Holded consultancy allows us to access the latest platform updates, features and resources, which in turn allows us to offer you a world-class consulting and advisory experience.

What is Holded?

held is a comprehensive business management platform (ERP) that brings together all the tools you need to manage your business in one place. It offers accounting, tax and financial solutions that allow you to keep precise control of your company.

Holded as ERP

With held, you can record your accounting transactions, manage invoices, monitor your taxes, track your cash flow, and much more. Its cloud approach gives you the flexibility to access your data from anywhere, anytime, simplifying business management.

2404|Gestoría Holded Group

Comprehensive solutions for SMEs and Startups

Accounting Consulting

We take care of managing your accounting records, bank reconciliation and creating financial reports, all from the platform. This means you can have complete control of your finances without having to worry about tedious or complicated tasks.

Tax Consulting

Our advisory services at Holded go beyond accounting management. We provide you with personalized tax advice to ensure that your company meets all its tax obligations. We are in charge of analyzing your tax situation and developing specific strategies to optimize your tax burden.

Financial management

We work closely with you to ensure your cash flow is healthy, your budgets are realistic, and your investments are backed by solid analysis. Together, we will achieve sustainable financial growth and efficient financial management.

Training and Support

We not only provide you with consulting and management services on Holded, but we also ensure that you feel completely comfortable and capable of using the platform effectively. 

2404|Holded Consulting Group

Optimize the Financial Management of your Startup or SME with Holded

Discover how you can take your company to a higher level, optimizing the financial management of your Startup or SME with Holded.

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Business strategy

We provide support solutions to the CEO, allowing the outsourcing of Financial Management.

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Startups and Entrepreneurs

We devise and implement your business model, providing a strategic and innovative approach.  

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