Digital Strategy

Think, plan, do

Vision is nothing without direction

We understand the challenges businesses face in the ever-changing digital landscape. With so many options and platforms to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. Our approach minimizes all this noise so we can focus on what's really important: reaching and engaging your customers. 

We help our clients create a personalized plan that fits their business needs and goals. Digital marketing strategies that not only come from knowledge, but from know-how.

How do we do it

Audit of current strategy

It will be essential to understand how your current digital strategy works to know how to improve it. Analyzing and studying in depth the own media (Website, Social Networks), the paid media (SEM, advertising on Social Networks) and the obtained media (Off Page SEO) that you use will not provide the necessary information to start working.

Buyer Persona

If you want to launch a successful digital strategy, you must know who you are directing it to. Carrying out a good study of the target will allow us to know the necessary information to be able to address them in a way that is attractive to them.


Setting objectives will give the strategy a direction to follow. These objectives must be aligned with the global objectives of your business. Whether it's gaining a certain number of conversions or reaching a specific number of leads, you need to set SMART strategic goals that help you achieve your overall goals.

Platform selection

Determining which platforms we want to be present on is key to the success of any digital strategy. Correctly selecting these channels will allow us to optimize our resources and offer relevant content to the right audience.


It is necessary to define a realistic budget taking into account the resources you have and the objectives you want to achieve. The most effective thing is to create a budget for each strategically selected channel or medium. This division will allow us to obtain a greater return on investment.

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Digital Kit: Aid for the Digitalization of Companies

New initiative from the Government of Spain, to subsidize the implementation of digital solutions and achieve significant progress in the level of digital maturity of companies.

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