Corporate Tax


Simplifying decisions

The current regulatory context and tax regulations, so changing and dispersed, require us to have a general and comprehensive vision of corporate taxation, and at the same time specific to each sector of activity.

This vision must be based on specialization, which, together with our experience, allows us to solve our clients’ problems.

Through our transversal advice we facilitate decision making, minimizing costs and tax risks with maximum legal certainty.


How we do it

Our corporate tax expertise covers all tax disciplines that companies may need, with teams specialized in all types of taxes and sectors.

Corporate taxation

We offer comprehensive advice by studying and assessing all aspects that affect the fiscal management of your company. We analyze all the options avoiding risks, in order to make the best decisions.

  • Specialized tax advice
  • Tax declarations: VAT, Corporations, I.R.P.F, Special Taxes, etc.
  • Tax certifications.
  • Consultations and opinions on tax matters.
  • Legalization of official books and deposit of Annual Accounts in the Mercantile Registry.

Tax Procedure

We have a team of professionals specialized in tax proceedings ready to assist our clients in appeals and claims that may be filed before the economic-administrative bodies.

  • Advice on management, collection, sanctioning and tax inspection procedures.
  • Attention and response to requirements.
  • Preparation and filing of economic-administrative claims against tax assessments.
  • Preparation and filing of appeals before administrative courts.
  • Checks in tax management, deferment and fractionation of debts.
  • Telematic presentations and management of electronic notifications.

2404| Blog

New developments in the Municipal Capital Gains Tax

The Government approves the modification of the municipal capital gains tax. Effective from November 10, 2022.

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