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The role of the CFO is decisive in the creation of value in the company. He/she provides balance, evaluating the risks and benefits in the business opportunities that may arise.

At 2404|Group, we provide support solutions to the CEO, allowing the outsourcing of Financial Management. In addition, we use digital tools that leverage and analyze relevant data, in order to optimize the processes and operations of your company. In this way, we transform corporate finance to drive your strategy and help CFOs improve the profitability of their companies.

Thanks to advanced technological tools and a multidisciplinary approach, it is possible to assume and lead responsibilities that impact the entire organization and thus address finance management from a perspective adapted to the new environment.


How we do it

Strategy and Planning

Aligning financial strategy with corporate strategy allows us to create more value for your company and help drive it forward. To achieve this, we analyze the business and profitability areas, design financial and management control instruments, and prepare and implement the annual budget and strategic plan.


Our approach includes metrics to assess whether the strategy is having the necessary impact. We analyze costs, cash flows and KPI’s to detect possible risks the company could face.


We prepare economic-financial reports for business follow-up and we design, implement and monitor the internal control system. In addition, we take care of the planning and study of investment projects and their financing.


We are in charge of supervising, planning, analyzing and executing all the processes of your administrative-accounting department, as well as following up on relations with financial entities.

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