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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process used to optimize the technical configuration, content relevance and link popularity of a website to make its pages easier to find, more relevant and popular for user searches and, as a result, better ranked by search engines.

The visibility gained by having your website appear organically on the first page of search engines is one of the most powerful assets a brand can have. However, SEO is a complex and constantly changing field, making it difficult to keep up with the latest trends and techniques.


How we do it

Bulletproof SEO strategies

Our process leverages AI tools to put the focus on your brand and drive high value organic traffic. White Hat SEO strategy that will place you in the top positions in search engines.

Technical SEO

In addition to identifying key issues with a technical audit, we will also help you optimize your site’s images and metadata, as well as perform a full competitive analysis to compare your site’s technical performance to others in your industry. The result is a better performing site without any technical hurdles that can lead to high bounce rates and low conversions.

Keyword Research

We will conduct keyword research based on your needs as a company. We will divide this research into three main groups:

  • Focus Keywords: It will be the main keyword chosen for each page.
  • Primary Keywords: These are the set of keywords that will appear mainly in the description and within the content.
  • Long-tail: Keywords that will only appear within the content.

On-Page SEO

It consists of optimizing each of the pages of your website so that they rank better and get more traffic. Depending on your keyword strategy and whether it is national, international or local SEO, we will assess which pages need to be corrected to ensure that search engines understand the keywords on each page.

Once completed, we will re-evaluate your on-page SEO every month and resolve any issues found during the audits so that your optimization is always up to date with the latest Google algorithm changes.

Off-Page SEO

This refers to optimization techniques that occur outside of your website, and is an important part of the overall digital marketing strategy. One of the most well-known off-page SEO techniques is link building through partnerships with brands. In this process, we identify like-minded websites that can enhance your campaign and then establish relationships with them on your behalf.

If done well, off-page SEO serves to increase your website’s authority in search engines, while creating more buzz around your brand.

UI/UX Audit

A UI/UX audit is the process of evaluating a website’s user interface in order to detect problem areas that cause users to abandon your website.

We combine different analysis techniques that allow us to highlight areas for improvement and make recommendations on how to address them.

Local SEO

We help you position your website in front of your local audience and help you rank higher in local search engine results. Local strategic SEO services include competitive analysis, keyword research, web and technical analysis, and local demographics, all of which can make a big difference in your ability to connect with the right people.

With local SEO marketing, you can ensure that consumers near you can easily find you when they need your product or service the most.

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